Getting used to your dentures

After your dentures are fitted, it will take some time for you to get used to them. You may notice the following mild symptoms, which will soon dissapear:

  • A feeling of pressure. This may be felt when the dentures are fitted onto the implants for the first time. It will gradually go away.
  • Difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds: you should read out loud in front of a mirror and listen to your voice. You will shortly recover clear, effortless speech.
  • A sensation of having a foreign body in your mouth which will gradually disappear as your tongue and mucous membranes adapt to the new situation.
  • A slight increase in the amount of saliva you produce.
  • Biting your tongue and cheeks.
  • You may notice a slight change in your appearance and expression as a result of the rehabilitation work; in a few weeks you will get used to your new appearance.