Getting used to your dentures

Removable dentures are not just mechanical instruments, but instead transmit stresses to the teeth, gums and bones, which means that they require an adaptation period that may be longer for some people than others (normally, a few weeks).
Eventually you will not be aware of wearing dentures, although you will have to be patient as during this adaptation period you will need to come to the clinic to make any alterations that may be required.
  • You will have the feeling that there is a foreign body in your mouth, which will gradually disappear over a few weeks.
  • Saliva production will be increased, although this will gradually return to normal.
  • Your sense of taste will be reduced, but return to normal after a few weeks.
  • You may have difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds, due to the space occupied by the dentures: you should read out loud in front of a mirror and listen to your voice.
  • You will probably bite your cheeks and tongue as they tend to enter the spaces where teeth are missing, although you will soon learn to stop doing this.
  • You may feel some discomfort in the teeth and gums (especially when you bite or close your mouth), which also disappears over time as the mucous membranes «harden» and the remaining natural teeth adapt to the stresses they are supporting.