Cervical sprain

 The cervical sprain is caused by a sharp shake in the head. Learn more about this problem, its symptoms and possible treatments.Cervical sprain is a syndrome that occurs due to excessive elongation of the ligaments and neck muscles. It is often caused by a severe shaking of the head, usually caused by traffic accidents or subsequent trauma. All of this results in an effect of hyperextension of the neck that can cause injuries in soft parts and structures of the vertebral column, followed by a hyperflexion that usually does not bring consequences.

After injury, cervical pain, weakness, difficult in moving the neck, lack of strength, vertigo, paresthesias and headaches are some frequent symptoms. Although it’s impossible to avoid it, we can reduce the consequences of a severe shaking. If we are in the car, it’s important that the headrest is placed to our height, that we maintain a proper posture throughout the driving and that we work our cervical musculature.

Thanks to different techniques, physiotherapy can help to reduce pain and inflammation, restore mobility and strengthen muscles. Although the time to start treatment depends on each case, it’s recommended not to wait too long to start with physical therapy to avoid further complications and immobility. Can we help you?

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