The new web of Pardinas Dental Clinic

Although the new web it’s been working during two weeks, it’s a good moment to show you the new possibilities of the web after checking that there’s no problems during navigation:

  1. New design, more modern and better adapted to the new digital devices.
  2. More visual content, highest importance of videos and photos.
  3. 3d video about the treatments and the clinic.
  4. You can ask for and appointment with us online
  5. Reorganization and rewriting content, helping to navigation
  6. Greater importance of our social networks and patients opinion.

This is some of the most important changes on the webpage, but there are more news. For sure you can find more surprises if you navigate on the webpage. Would also like to remind you that if you have any problem during navigation, let us know in our email:

Comunicación de la Clínica

Comunicación de la Clínica