Dental study

Information and dental study

The Pardiñas Medical Dental Clinic has created this new department within the Clinic to provide you with information at no cost on dental implants, periodontics, orthodontics, dental aesthetics and prosthesis.

All you need to do is call us on 881-92.72.01 and arrange an appointment, where you will be informed in detail by our patient care manager, Isabel Fontanes Mourelle, about the possibilities of restoring your teeth with, as well as the treatment costs and the additional tests that are required for the purpose of diagnosis.

¿Is the study free?

No. A study is a diagnosis which then focuses on the best treatment that is liable to produce the most successful results. A study also implies a clinical exploration, a series of complementary tests such as panoramic X-rays, 3d scanner, study models, wax casts, pictures etc. Obviously these procedures imply costs that must be paid by the patient. Performing a diagnosis can never be free as it is the most important part of any medical intervention.

So which is the information at no cost?

Patients receive a personal consultation with no commitment, and are informed about what the different treatments involves, the types of implants available, the different stages involved, how long the treatment takes, the post-operative stage, the different types of prostheses etc, and of course, an indication of the cost of the treatment and previous studies.

This is done using a hands-on approach with all of the different elements involved, making sure that all of the patient’s questions are answered.