Team Clinica Pardiñas

Our scientific and technological training is backed by the complex treatments that have been successfully carried out with our patients.

Dr. José Pardiñas Ariasstomatologist. Specialist in bone-anchored dental implants, oral surgery and periodontics.
Graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1983 (first class) from the University of Santiago de Compostela, thenspecialising in stomatology in 1986. In the same year he began his professional career, and in 1996 began a new, highly ambitious stage in terms of modern working, technological and organisational concepts: the Pardiñas Clinic

Dr. Pardiñas is a specialist in dental implants (1992, Complutense University of Madrid); a specialist in periodontics (1995, Clínica Gingiva - Madrid), and has a Master's Degree in dental prosthetis (2001, Esorib).He has also carried out numerous training stays in clinics specialising in periodontics and implants in Spain and abroad.

He is a member of the following scientific societies: the SEI (Spanish Implant Society), SEPES (Spanish Dental Prosthetics Society), SEPA (Spanish Periodontics and Bone Integration Society), SEDCYDO (Spanish Craneo-Mandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain Society), SGOMQ (Galician Medical-Surgical Odonto-Stomatology Association), GEOBE (Professional Association of the Study Group on Biological Occlusion), and the AEOM (Spanish Microscopic Odontology Association).

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Dr Carmen López Prietodoctor and dentist, is responsible for paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and dental aesthetics.

Dr. López Prieto has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University de Santiago de Compostela, and a degree in Odontology from the same university in  1992.

She is specialist in periodontics (1995, Clínica Gingiva - Madrid) and orthodontics (1992, Ceosa; and 1998, Gnathos). She has a Master's Degree in dental aesthetics and periodontics.

She is member of the following scientific societies: SEDO (Spanish Orthodontics Society), SEPES (Spanish Dental Prosthetics Society), SEPA (Spanish Periodontics and Bone Integration Society), GEOBE (Professional Association of the Study Group on Biological Occlusion), and SGOMQ (Galician Medical-Surgical Odonto-Stomatology Association).

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Dr. Simón Pardiñas López holds a degree in Dentistry from Madrid in 2010.

He studied a Master's Degree in Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery at  New York University in 2010/2011.
He is and Expert in Periodontics from the Complutense University of Madrid.
He has a Certificate in Training for the Administration of Nitrous Oxide from New York University.
Expert in Endodontcs by Instituto Europeo de Formación continuada.
Másters in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation by the European School of Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology and Biomaterials, winning the first of the promotion 2011/2012 award.
Master's Degree in Periodontics at  New York University in 2012/2013.
ICOI Fellowship, International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
Diplôme Universitaire d’Implantologie Orale et Maxilo-faciale. Universidad de Toulouse year 2012/2013.
He has attended numerous national and international courses:
2007| Course on "Predictable aesthetics in natural teeth and implants: new trends and concepts", Dr. Iñaki Gamborena
2008| Course on "Practical Endodontics: updating concepts", Dr. Juan Liñares
2009| Course on "Mechanical and chemical control of bacterial plaque", Dr Cano
2009| Course on "New trends in Advanced Odontology", Dr Rafael Pla
2009| Course on "Complete programme on Surgery, Implantology, Prostheses and Oral Rehabilitation", Dr Eduardo Anitua
2009| Course on "Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in oral surgery", Dr Santamaría Zuazua
2010| International Education Program in Advanced Esthetic Dentistry, "Decision Making Protocols in Esthetic Dentistry". International Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
2010| Course on "Direction and Operation of X-ray diagnosis facilities", Institute of Scientific and Technological Training
2010| Course on Clinical Photography, New York University College of Dentistry
2011|Anatomical dissection and grafting procedures on human specimens. Medical University of Vienna
2012| 21st Annual Reunion NYU-ESORIB. Malaga
2012| 3rd Annual Dental Implant Symposium. ICOI/Columbia University, New York.
2012|Tarnow Alumni Day Study Club. Columbia University, New York.
2013| Dental XP Global Symposium. Las Vegas, Nevada. USA
2013| Challenging cases in Toxicology. Harvard Medical School. USA
2013| Northeastern Society of Periodontists Spring Meeting. New York. USA
2013| American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting. Philadelphia. USA. Poster presentation.
2014 | Curso elevación de Seno Maxilar y uso de PRGF. Fundación Clínica Pardiñas. Lecture presenter.
2014 | 29th Academy Osseointegration Annual Meeting. Seattle. USA. Poster presentation.
2014 | II Dental XP Global Symposium. Miami. USA.
He is a member of the following scientific societies:


Dr. Natalia López-Ampudia, is a graduate in Odontology from the European University of Madrid in 2003.

She studied a Degree in Endodontics at the International University of Catalonia from 2008-2010. Between 2008-

2010 she was collaborating professor for the On-Line Master’s Degree in Endodontics from the International University of Catalonia, and collaborating professor for the subject Dental Pathology and Therapeutics at the International University of Catalonia.

She was awarded the Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) for Research in Odontology in 2010.

She has attended numerous national and international conferences:

  • National Endodontics Conference, León 2011
  • National Endodontics Conference, Córdoba 2010
  • Course on Advanced Endodontics with reciprocal motor, Tylos System. Barcelona 2010
  • Biannual Conference on Endodontics, Roots Summit. Barcelona, 2010
  • Updating Stage on Endodontics, 1 week course at the NOVA SouthEastern University, Florida, 2010
  • Updating in rotatory systems in Endodontics. M-Two system. Dr Caviedes. Munich 2009
  • European Endodontics Conference. Edinburgh, 2009
  • Spanish Endodontics Conference, Alicante, 2009
  • Mediterranean Dental Forum, Barcelona 2008
  • Course on Basic Periodontics. 2 weeks. University of Santiago de Cuba, November 2005
  • Course on Advanced Surgery and Implantology. 4 weeks, University of Santiago de Cuba, October 2005
  • Basic Surgery Course, 4 weeks, University of Santiago de Cuba, February 2005


Communications at conferences:

  • Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation in Endodontics. 9th Catalonian Dentistry Conference, January 2009
  • Irrigation Systems in Endodontics. Spanish Endodontics Conference, Alicante 2009
  • Clinical Case on the Management of Premolars with Abrupt Curvature. Spanish Endodontics Conference, Alicante 2009
  • Apical Microsurgery. Spanish Conservative Odontology Society, Barcelona 2010
  • Pulp necrosis after implant surgery. Spanish Conservative Odontology Society, Barcelona 2010


  • Complete management of S-shaped root canals in Endodontics: a case report. With the collaboration of Dr James L. Gutmann for the journal Endodontic Practice Today by Quintessence.

Member of the Spanish Endodontics Association


Dr. Germán Sebastián graduated in Dentistry in the year 2011.

Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.

Expert in Endodontics, Instituto Europeo de Formación Continuada.

Máster in Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetics, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Member of Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatólogica.