ISO 9001

The Pardiñas Dental Clinic is the first dental clinic in Galicia to be awarded ISO 9001 certification, and the third in Spain to be awarded the AENOR certificate.

An independent audit confirms that the Pardiñas Clinic is the first in Galicia to meet the very highest quality standards.


The process, which began in 2002 and ended in 2003, represents international corroboration of our work, and at the same time ratifies the goals the Clinic established from the very outset: a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. The Pardiñas Dental Clinic is now a reference point for all of the clinics and patients seeking quality in Galicia.

In order to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 certification, the Pardiñas Dental Clinic has had to meet the very highest quality standards. has had to meet the very highest quality standards. The requirements include placing greater emphasis on achieving and measuring customer satisfaction, rigorously adhering to a process model that is closely linked with the practices of the Clinic and a process to continue improving, as required by the clinic’s quality management system. In summary, the aim is to constantly strive towards achieving the satisfaction of the patient through more rigorous dental practices.

The independent audits carried out at the facilities of the Pardiñas Dental Clinic confirm that all of the requirements of the standards were met by means of the different systems and procedures. The audit by the team from AENOR especially focused on the follow-up carried out on patients throughout the whole of the healthcare process, from appointments through to check ups, etc.

" The ISO 9001:2008 certification is proof that the commitment of the Pardiñas Clinic to quality with our patients goes far beyond all of the aspects of the Clinic", says Dr. José Pardiñas. "It provides independent validation of the rigorous procedures we have implemented in order to increase the satisfaction of our patients, and make them the most important part of our work."

Certificado AENOR

Certificado Internacional IQNet

AENOR Certificate
IQNet International Quality Certificate


About ISO Certification
The certification recognises a series of correct working guidelines and a constant commitment towards improvement. The Quality Certificate was registered by AENOR (no. ER 1672/2003), on the 24th of October 2003, and the IQNET certificate which supports the international recognition of this certification.

Founded in 1947, the ISO, International Organization for Standardization, is a worldwide federation bringing together standardisation bodies from more than 140 countries. Its work focuses on reaching international agreements that are published as standards. The ISO family of standards represents an international consensus on good working practices for quality control for the assurance of organisations offering products or services that meet the necessary quality requirements for their customers.