Dra. Carmen López Prieto

Dr. Carmen López Prietodoctor and dentist, is responsible for paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and dental aesthetics.

Dr. López Prieto has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University de Santiago de Compostela, and a degree in Odontology from the same university in  1992.

She is specialist in periodontics (1995, Clínica Gingiva - Madrid) and orthodontics (1992, Ceosa; and 1998, Gnathos). She has a Master's Degree in dental aesthetics and periodontics.

She is member of the following scientific societies: SEDO (Spanish Orthodontics Society), SEPES (Spanish Dental Prosthetics Society), SEPA (Spanish Periodontics and Bone Integration Society), GEOBE (Professional Association of the Study Group on Biological Occlusion), and SGOMQ (Galician Medical-Surgical Odonto-Stomatology Association).

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