The importance of teeth in the evolution of the human species

Craneo AtapuercaLa Sima de los Huesos, in La Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos), continue being one of the most important paleontological place. Recently in this place have been found 17 skulls and 6500 fossils that could be reassigned to a period around 430,000 years.

People lived in that place during the start of the Neanderthal evolution, the previous race to Homo sapiens. The deep analysis of that remains demonstrate that the first evolution changes happened at teeths, in the jaw and face, while the shape of the skull was still the old one. All these changes were linked to facilitate the process of chewing. This is another example of why teeth are a vital part of our history.


You can read the original story in Science Magazine.

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Comunicación de la Clínica