Dental implant at Clinica Pardiñas in a 98 year-old patient

98 year-old Hermitas F. G., submitted to a surgery in Clínica Pardiñas to replace a lacking dental piece with a dental implant due to a fracture.

Three months afterwards, she shows happy the results: "I am delighted with my new implant and I do not have any bother", assures. The surgery that lasted 1 hour was carried out with local anesthesia and without complications. "The patient went out for his own foot and after some hours the prosthesis was placed over the implant, recovering this way the function and esthetics," explains doctor Pardiñas.

With more than 6 a thousand implants placed in Clínica Pardiñas in Galicia since more than 25 years ago, never before a surgery of these characteristics had been carried out in a person with such an advanced age.

Comunicación de la Clínica

Comunicación de la Clínica