Fixed dentures are one of the most comfortable types of prosthesis, which are easier to tolerate and cause less problems. However, it is not always possible to create them, and they are also more costly than removable prostheses. They provide almost natural chewing, very good speech and aesthetic appearance, although they do not always fill the gaps that appear between teeth when the gums have retracted. This means that in a similar way to natural teeth, some saliva and air may escape, causing a slight lisp.

Fixed dentures are more comfortable than removable dentures, as they do not need to be removed from the mouth to be cleaned and do not move, although they require more daily dental care and more check-ups by the dentist.

Over time, the natural atrophy of the maxillary bones and gums reveals gaps between the teeth and the bridges making the "joints" or connection interfaces visible, which may result in having to replace them for aesthetic reasons.

Other causes for their replacement are:

  1. Damage caused to the teeth that hold the bridges in place, meaning they must be removed.
  2. Changes in the shape of the maxillaries and the position of the natural teeth that normally occur throughout life, which alter the fit between the upper and lower jaw and cause a loss of function.