Dental health in The Simpsons. Who was

Everyone knows that The Simpsons is more than a TV show, it is a social phenomenon that has marked an entire generation to this day. Many different characters appeared on it, some to stay in screen throughout the whole series and others just in a few shows, as it is the case of our today´s protagonist.

Murphy "Bleeding Gums" playing the saxophone"Bleeding Gums Murphy" was a jazz musician down at heel after spending all the money he had earned as a musician in the purchase of several Fabergé eggs a day. That is the explanation given to Lisa, the middle daughter of the Simpsons family, who also asks about the origin of his nickname.

  • Why do they call you "Bleeding Gums"?
  • Well, let me put it this way ... have you ever been to the dentist? I have not. I guess I should go to one, but I already have enough pain in my life.

The truth is that from his first appearance in the series to his sad disappearance, "Bleeding Gums" became one of the most endearing and beloved secondary characters of a TV show that crossed all kinds of borders. The relationship between both characters grows throughout the plot, since the musician ends up becoming the mentor of the young aspiring saxophonist, who finds in Murphy a mirror in which to look at herself. At least from the musical point of view, since the statement about his dental health should not lead us to anything other than to alert of the dangers of this behavior.

From Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas we want to warn you that if you realize that your gums bleed, do not hesitate and get in touch with your dental clinic. There´s almost always time to act, and better to do it before these symptoms turn into a periodontitis.

And we do not want to end this article without giving you one last warning. If you have not seen this or any other episode of The Simpsons it is never too late to join the great legion of fans of the yellow family.

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