Our 3D video across borders

We are proud to give this news! The Mexican channel 8tv has used one of our 3D videos on bruxism and temporomandibular dysfunction to one of health programs, Acontecer Medical.

The, Acontecer Medical, program takes 5 years on the air. Throughout these years they have addressed various issues of Health and high-level specialists in order to prevent and inform people how to treat certain diseases.

In the program talk about the functions and dysfunctions jaw, as well as the condition of Tempo-Mandibular dysfunction and options. Experts dealing with the subject are specialist Dr. Oscar Hernandez Navarro, a specialist in temporomandibular dysfunction, prosthetics and orthodontics, and Dra. Lucila Pérez Barraza Lete, Couple Family psychotherapist and Adolescents.

Here the entire program of Medical Acontecer we leave.


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Comunicación de la Clínica