Clínica Pardiñas presents the first foundation in Galicia dedicated to oral heath

Clínica Pardiñas presents the first foundation in Galicia dedicated to oral heathPresident of the Foundation , Dr. Simon Pardiñas Lopez performed on Thursday 20 February the official presentation Pardiñas Clinic Foundation in the hall of the Teatro Colón in La Coruna .

The Foundation was created with the goal of treating and care about the oral health of those who cannot afford it. Aims to provide a basic treatment of oral and dental prevention and care not covered by social security, not replacing it in the provision of services, but encouraging their use.

Caritas and Renacer, collaborating with the Foundation, will be the ones to contact that institution to its users through a case by case custom filter, which will make possible the evaluation and diagnosis by the doctors of the Foundation.

Services will apply to persons registered in Galician municipalities belonging to a disadvantaged group such as: People at risk of social exclusion, large families, unemployed, orphans, abused women, people with disabilities , degenerative diseases or low incidence.

 The Foundation offers to these collectives services of general dentistry, periodontics and orthodontics totally free for children and with a symbolic price of 10 euros for adults. The funds raised will always go towards the development of the Foundation.

Pardiñas Clinic Foundation also pursues a teaching goal launching training courses and scholarships for professionals. Its president, Dr. Simon Pardiñas said that the idea for this project came as a need " to return to the Galician society something that has given us". The coordinator of Caritas Mertxe Carrión, remarked the importance of this project, because for most people for which is intended would be impossible to afford otherwise, being a fundamental aspect of health. As recalled by the founder of Renacer, Dr. Jose Fernandez Pernas, this applies not only to the oral part of physical health but also psychological and overall health of the patient.

Comunicación de la Clínica

Comunicación de la Clínica