How to prevent cavities?

Dental caries is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that exist in the oral cavity. But you can prevent it if you follow these advices:

1. Remove dental plaque: plaque is a yellowish-white material that is deposited on the teeth when you do not brush or you brush poorly, which is formed by cellular debris from the mouth, food debris, saliva and germs. These germs are responsible for decay therefore it is an infectious disease.

You must use the toothbrush correctly to remove plaque. Toothpaste helps to dissolve plaque but most important it's to devote adequate time to brushing. Brushing can be manually or electrically. As supplements, you can use dental floss to pull plaque from interdental sites. In patients with gum disease it is also very useful to use interdental brushes and/or dental irrigator.

2. Check foods rich in carbohydrates, called cariogenic. It's important not to abuse this type of food and if you take it, brush your teeth immediately after. For example: cookies, chocolate, candy, ice cream etc are sweet and sticky and carbonated drinks like coca-cola.

3. Try to increase the resistance of enamel using fluoride supplements. If we find that an enamel is more susceptible to decay it is essential to use fluoride supplements. Don't forget that the quality of the enamel is determinant in the incidence of caries.

* A publication of Dr. Carmen López, dentist doctor expert in dental aesthetics and orthodontics.

Dra. Carmen López Prieto

Dra. Carmen López Prieto