Safety and environment

Safety and environmental commitment

The highest priority of the Pardiñas Dental Clinic is to ensure that you as a patient and our team are in a safe, pleasant environment. We believe that this safety must help to protect the environment whenever possible.

Waste disposal and Recycling

Damos prioridad a la seguridadThe chemical agents used to develop X-ray plates are always re-used to the end of their useful life, and then sent away for recycling.

All of our biological waste is collected in special containers and treated in accordance with legal requirements for biological substances.

We also recycle all of the other materials we work with, such as paper, plastic and glass.

Radiology and Radiological Safety

At the Pardiñas Dental Clinic we use digital radiology (RVG) which is computer-controlled and does not require film or developing.

When conventional X-rays are required, modern devices emit very little radiation, and we also use film with a sensitivity that allows us to use especially low doses.

By combining these films with lead aprons and thyroid collars, we ensure minimum exposure to radiation when taking X-rays.

At the Pardiñas Clinic we take the minimum number of X-rays needed in order to obtain a safe diagnosis and treatment.

Our equipment is calibrated and analysed on a regular basis. The walls where the orthopantomograph is installed are lead lined to prevent our staff and patients being unnecessarily exposed to X-rays.