Conscious Sedation during dental procedures

Conscious sedation is a method used to achieve a controlled state of central nervous system depression with anxiety reduction.

It is performed by a physician anesthesiologist during dental treatment that monitors vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation), and adjust the medication according to each patient.

This type of sedation allows patients to maintain protective reflexes (cough, nausea ...), the ability to breathe independently and respond to stimuli or verbal commands.

It is used primarily for patients who are very anxious or fearful of dental treatment, children and disabled patients, and can be used for any type of dental specialty.

This method involves the use of nitrous oxide, oxygen and intravenous drug use to induce the patient in a sedated state, which then will have no memory of the dental procedures performed.

Before treatment with conscious sedation, you need to have a complete medical history, list of medications currently being taken by the patient, as well as a blood test.

Also be given informed consent that must bring signed the day of the procedure and rules to undergo dental treatment under sedation, among which include fasting and go to the clinic with somebody.

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