Technology of Pardiñas Medical Dental Clinic


We have the latest technology to serve our patients. With them we don´t only get more comfort and patient satisfaction, but also to achieve excellence in our treatments.

  • CBCT: Serves to perform a complete 3D scan of the jaws, very useful in studies of implants, orthodontics or wisdom teeth among others.
  • Radiovisiography: It is our system of digitalized radiographs. Once the X-ray is done, it is immediately displayed on the screen so that you can enlarge it or contrast the image, according to the needs of each case.
  • Computerized system: The patient files with all their clinical data are entered into a computer program connected in a network between all the cabinets, the offices and the reception. This guarantees that we have at all times the maximum information about our patients with maximum security and confidentiality. We comply with the Data Protection Law. In addition, we have graphics and clinical photos, made with our own scanner, within the same computer system.
  • Intraoral camera: We can show the patient´s mouth by the most hidden places. It clearly displays cavities, soft tissue injuries and any superficial pathology.
  • Laser: The different types of lasers help us in many oral treatments, from surgeries of the mouth, through fillings, endodontics, etc. making the treatments cleaner and painless.
  • Surgical microscope: With it we perform aesthetic gum surgery, endodontics and other precision interventions.
  • Centrifuges: With them we obtain the growth factors for bone regeneration from the patient's own blood in a very simple and fast way (PRGF).
  • Virtual reality glasses: We want to be always at the forefront of technology for patient comfort. That is why we offer our patients virtual reality glasses in which they can enjoy their favorite movies, series or video clips during their dental treatment. Simply connect to the glasses to your smartphone in which you have the movie or the chosen program to start viewing it.
  • Digital impressions: We have introduced a new form of impression recording without any material that performs this work digitally and instantly. It is a more precise, efficient and high quality that avoids the need for additional appointments and the unpleasant taste for treatment with high quality clinical results. This scanner allows the dentist to create a final 3D digital impression based on real data at the time the impression is made. In addition, both the specialist and the patient can see the result live. With this new device, Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas increases the comfort of its patients avoiding false results due to alteration of the material and allowing specialists and laboratories to perform their work in the fastest way.
  • Oral lesion detector: Our clinic is the first center in Galicia that has an innovative device that helps dental professionals to detect possible cancerous lesions in the mouth, tongue, lips and throat. Because the signs and symptoms of oral cancer often cannot be detected with the naked eye, this device allows us to do just that, identify changes in the mouth that may be a sign of something more serious. This analysis with the Identafi technology is completely painless and is done in a few minutes to check if there is any problem that may affect oral health.
  • Ipad smile design: At Clínica Pardiñas we use the latest technology to simulate, design, plan and present aesthetic treatments. With this new system we can explain and see in real time a simulation of your treatment, clearly visualizing the before and after programmed. We can simulate a esthetich gum resection, perform grafts, perfect incisal edges, reconstruct and replace teeth, define dental surfaces and whitening tones. This tool also allows us to draw, place implants, crowns, bone, membrane, etc. We can also share all the simulations with the patient by email.