Consecuences of not replacing missing teeth - 3D Video

Consecuences of not replacing missing teethIn this 3d video we can see the consecuences of not replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Different complications derived from this are represented, like problematic dental contacts, articulation problems, tooth mobility, dental extrusions, gingival inflammations, decay etc.


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We launch new website

This is the new website of Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic, a site where we will offer our patients the best possible online service.

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Osseointegration of dental implants

Osseointegration is the process performed by the human body to create a direct and functional connection between the bone and dental implants.

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Filling problem - Overflowing dental filling

A poorly performed dental filling can be a major source of accumulation of food debrisand plaque, which can cause cavities to appear below the filling

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