The best dental clinic in northern Spain is in A Coruña - Clínica Pardiñas receives the 2016 Cantabric Excellent Award

The best dental clinic in northern Spain is in A Coruña. The award has been awarded for career, professional work and social interest, in the Medicine category

On July 1, the Pardiñas Clinic received the Cantabrian Excellent Award in the category of Medicine: Dentistry.

Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas was founded in A Coruña by Dr. José Pardiñas Arias and Dra. Carmen López Prieto. They have three decades of experience, during which time they have treated more than 15,000 patients and have garnered both national and international recognition for their professionalism, for the ongoing training of dentists and for the implementation of the most advanced technologies.

"We are pioneers in the use of dental implants, we have been placing them in A Coruña since 1989 and the large number of satisfied patients endorse our clinic as one of the best in Galicia in this specialty", they affirm.

In 2010, with the incorporation of Dr. Simón Pardiñas López, a new stage begins in which new professionals join the clinic who provide innovative techniques and new international training. In this way, the perfect combination materializes: experience of more than 30 years plus the impetus of youth. Currently, Clínica Pardiñas is a comprehensive center and specializes in dental implants, gum disease, oral surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, temporomandibular dysfunction and dental aesthetics.

“Our commitment is to offer the patient high quality dentistry through a relationship of trust combined with the best training and the latest technology. For it We must start from good prior information and not give false expectations. High training of all the medical and auxiliary personnel, advanced technology and preferential treatment to the patient, are our marks of distinction ”, they assure. Clínica Pardiñas was the first in Galicia to obtain the ISO 9001 quality certification, and the third in Spain to achieve the AENOR certificate for meeting the highest quality standards.

Another of the outstanding actions of this clinic is the creation, in 2012, of the Fundación Clínica Pardiñas whose objective is the care and promotion of oral health in the most disadvantaged sectors of society in the Galician environment. Thus, the professionals of the Foundation carry out completely free of charge in children and for a symbolic amount of € 10 in adults, those treatments that they consider basic or necessary and that Social Security does not cover.

For their career, professional work and social interest, Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas receives the 2016 Cantabrian Excellent Award in the Medicine, as the best dental clinic in the north o f

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