Our Foundation will host the modular course of Ertty Orthodontic Systems

The Pardiñas Clinic Foundation will host, between March 2018 and September 2019, the Modular Ertty Systems Orthodontic Course, an innovative method with excellent results.The Pardiñas Clinic Foundation will host, from March 2018 to September 2019, the Modular Ertty Systems Orthodontics Course. The Ertty System is an innovative orthodontic method that allows a faster and more effective treatment with more stable long-term results.

This methodology is based on a high precision 3D diagnosis and a line of thought built around orthodontics, temporomandibular dysfunction and occlusion, providing treatments that preserve periodontal support, temporomandibular joints and the entire stomatognathic system. The objectives of this training will be:

  1. Present the most innovative technological resources in the multidisciplinary diagnosis and planning process - SYM®3D Protocol.
  2. Demonstrate an effective mechanical sequence, performed in a short period of time, with a lower biological cost for the patient.
  3. Present all systems without the need to use extra-oral equipment.
  4. Teach how to make devices of the Ertty Systems.
  5. Conceptualize advanced mechanics and non-conventional ortho-surgical preparation.
  6. Teach how to use miniplates and mini-implants in highly complex treatments.
  7. Interrelating Orthodontics with Oral Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthognathic Surgery and Implantology.
  8. To instruct on the importance of computed tomography as a means of differential diagnosis in the relationship of TMJ with malocclusion.
  9. Clarify the relationship between orthodontics and occlusal risk factors for TMD.
  10. Present the new paradigms - Osteodontics: Demonstrate and apply the concepts of the 3DVD® - Three-dimensional Virtual Diagnosis.

Ertty Orthodontic Systems

The training will be given by doctors Ertty Silva, Sérgio Pinho and Carlos Alberto Gasque, as well as having the collaboration of Dra. Carmen López. The course will be divided into 10 theoretical, practical and demonstrative modules, which will offer the student a new universe for diagnoses and treatments, from childhood to adults of high complexity. The modules will be the following:

  1. Diagnosis and planning.
  2. Ertty gap II and III
  3. Advanced Mechanics with mini-plates
  4. Restorative orthodontics.
  5. 3DVD three-dimensional virtual diagnosis.
  6. New paradigms of osteodontics.
  7. Non-conventional ortho-surgical preparation.
  8. Temporomandibular dysfunction.
  9. Functional orthopedics of the jaws.
  10. Finalization, occlusion and final considerations.

This training in Ertty orthodontic systems is one more bet of Clínica Pardiñas for continuing to improve the quality of patients' treatments. You can find more information on the website and in the following video.

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