Dental bridge – 3D Video

3D Video about dental bridge, a treatment to replace missing teeth3D video about dental bridge, an option to replace missing teeth. At first it’s necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth that will become the pillars of the bridge. Then impressions will be taken to create molds in which the bridge will be manufactured. Finally dental bridge is cemented on the pillars.


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What are cavities and how to prevent them?

Tooth decay is the main cause of tooth loss in children and young people. In this post we talk about cavities and and how can be prevented.

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Baby teeth, definitive teeth and teething

When do the first teeth come out? And when do the definitive ones come out? We talk about teething in this post.

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Our YouTube channel receives the gold medal at the Digital Health Awards

Digital Health Awards has awarded the gold medal in the Social Media category to our YouTube channel.

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