Dr. Simon Pardiñas attended a dental implants course in San Francisco

Dr. Pardiñas completed an intensive dental implants program in San Francisco (USA) taught by renowned implantologist Dennis Tarnow.Dr. Simon Pardiñas received intensive training in dental implants in San Francisco (USA) by Dr. Dennis Tarnow, one of the world's most recognized professionals in this sector. The course, held at the facilities of IDEA in that city, covered issues of highest level in implantology, as well as the latest developments and scientific publications in this area, with particular emphasis on the importance of the aesthetic results of these interventions.


In Pardiñas Dental Clinic we know that continuing education is essential in order to offer the best service to our patients.

Baby teeth, definitive teeth and teething

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The numbers of our dentistry YouTube channel

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Filling problem - Overflowing dental filling

A poorly performed dental filling can be a major source of accumulation of food debrisand plaque, which can cause cavities to appear below the filling

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