Dr. Simón Pardiñas revolutionizes dental education using AI

It is now possible to hear Dr. Simón Pardiñas speaking in multiple languages thanks to a digital avatar created by Artificial Intelligence. This technology imitates Dr. Pardiñas' voice and gestures, allowing for a more personalized interaction in the viewer's native language. This tool breaks down language and cultural barriers, facilitating a deeper and more personal understanding of dental health.

We remain at the forefront of dental education

The Pardiñas Dental Clinic continues to lead in the field of dental dissemination, where the clinic has worked since 2013. That year it began with the production of high-quality 3D animations about common dental treatments. These resources have been a tool to clearly and understandably illustrate the procedures to patients. Since then, more than 80 videos have been uploaded with subtitles in 15 languages, reflecting the clinic's commitment to accessibility and global understanding.

"We are proud to be pioneers in this technological advancement and in our continued contribution to global dental education" comments Dr. Pardiñas. "With and now with our AI videos, we are reaching new heights in dental communication and education".

Dentalk, the largest dental channel on YouTube

All of these videos are collected on our YouTube channel, the largest dental outreach profile in the world with more than one million subscribers and 450 million views. has become a crucial platform in the democratization of dental knowledge, reaching audiences in every corner of the planet.

Patients and dental professionals can access these educational resources by visiting the channel and following Dr. Pardiñas (@dr.pardinaslopez) social networks to stay up to date with the latest innovations and discoveries in dental care.
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