Dr. Sonia Liste joins the team of Pardiñas Dental Clinic

Dr. Sonia Liste Grela joins the team of the Pardiñas Dental Medical Center where she will be in charge of the prosthesis and dental aesthetic specialties.Dr. Sonia Liste Grela, graduated in dentistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela (2008), has joined the Pardiñas Dental Medical Center. She will be collaborating in the department of the dental prosthesis and cosmetic dentistry specialties.

In addition to her bachelor's degree in dentistry, Dr. Liste has a complete training in the field of dentistry. In her curriculum highlights:

  • "Advanced Studies in Dental Research" and presentation of doctoral thesis at USC Santiago de Compostela (2008-10).
  • "Specialization Course on Aesthetic Dentistry" at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015-16).
  • She has attended more than 60 courses related to dentistry.
  • 8 years of uninterrupted work experience in dental clinics.

Due to her extensive training and work curriculum, we are sure that Dr. Sonia Liste will offer our patients the best possible care in terms of dental aesthetics and prostheses. We wish her  many successes in this new professional adventure.

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