Intraoral scanner in Pardinas Dental Clinic

Escáner Intraoral

So far when a patient went to the dentist who needed orthodontic treatment, prosthesis, implants, among many others, both the laboratory and the specialist needed impressions made with different materials to make the molds. This process is very uncomfortable for the patient because the material can make the patient nauseous and give bad taste.
Also, not always works and the impressions have to be repeated many times as this material does not ensure perfect accurate results.

That is why Pardiñas Clinic in its commitment to innovate and give their patients the best experience, has introduced a new form of impression without using any material and performing this work digitally and instantly. This is a more accurate, efficient and high quality which eliminates the need for additional appoinmnetns and the unpleasant taste for clinical treatment with high-quality results.

This scanner called TRIOS ® allows the dentist to create a final 3D digital impression based on actual data in the time in which the impression is performed. Furthermore, both the specialist and the patient can see the result through the iPad, or other live screens.
With this new device, Dental Clinic Pardiñas increase customer convenience avoiding false results by altering the material and allowing specialists and laboratories do their job as quickly to ensure the satisfaction of their patients.


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