Exploration day against oral cancer

Last Wednesday, February the 4th, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the Pardiñas Foundation and our dental clinic organized a special day dedicated to the detection of oral cancer. The purpose of the center and the Pardiñas Foundation was to encourage all patients and outsiders to submit one oral examination in order to detect any abnormalities in the throat, mouth or teeth that could be harmful to health.
This joint initiative encourage by our doctors and dentists, mainly, to detect oral cancer has been very successful and this is the reason why several journals have published the new. The center also was quite pleased with the high turnout of attendees. There were many people that came to our dental clinic and, of course, a high number of clients  who decided to make this free and completely harmless analysis. We are very proud to have been the first center in Galicia to offer all patients a thorough oral examination to detect oral cancer and, probably, next year we will repeat the action.

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