The invisible braces

The invisible braces, is it applicable to all cases? All information here.The purpose of orthodontics is to find a harmony between both maxillary arches so you can develop a good masticatory function and aesthetic appeal.

The patient only seeks aesthetics and does not care if the canine guides are correct or if he/she has a posterior cross bite or a "class three." The qualified professional, of course thinking about the aesthetics, but also caring that the function of the mouth is adequate and should inform the patient of which are the goals of treatment before starting it. Let us remember that we must try to think as a patient and know what the patient expects about the treatment. We must be able to explain how far we can go to avoid creating false expectations. Therefore, diagnosis with previous studies is crucial.

The techniques in orthodontics are multiple, and it is important to individualize each case, to indicate the most appropriate for each patient. Unquestionably, the classical fixed orthodontics is the most effective one. Today, there are aesthetic brackets and lingual orthodontics. Lingual braces can be used only in a small percentage of cases.

But, what is the invisible orthodontics? The treatment consists of wearing in the mouth a series of removable appliances that push the teeth gradually. It requires a series of successive changes, at specified intervals, but their effectiveness is limited to those cases in which the competent professional indicates it. Not everything is for everyone.


* A publication of Dr. Carmen López, medical doctor and dentist expert in dental aesthetics and orthodontics.

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