Healthy teeth, healthy heart

Periodontal therapy may improve the cardiovascular health of patients273 australian aborigines affected by periodontitis were sampled for a health study in Australia. Half of them were treated for this problem, the other half not. Twelve months later, in the group receiving the treatment it was observed a significant decrease in the thickening of the arterial walls, which reduces the chances of suffering a cardiac problem.

Another sign that a healthy mouth is essential to the welfare of the people.


More info in Dental Tribune newspaper.

We launch new website

This is the new website of Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic, a site where we will offer our patients the best possible online service.

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Osseointegration of dental implants

Osseointegration is the process performed by the human body to create a direct and functional connection between the bone and dental implants.

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Filling problem - Overflowing dental filling

A poorly performed dental filling can be a major source of accumulation of food debrisand plaque, which can cause cavities to appear below the filling

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