Love your gums

We want to support the campaign of the American Academy of Periodontology to highlight the importance of gum health of people. One of every two adults have gum problems, and the best medicine in this case is prevention. Therefore it is advisable to visit your dentist at least twice a year in addition to maintaining proper dental hygiene. To know if your gums are currently in good condition we encourage you to answer this simple survey.

Baby teeth, definitive teeth and teething

When do the first teeth come out? And when do the definitive ones come out? We talk about teething in this post.

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The numbers of our dentistry YouTube channel

The Pardiñas Clinic channel on YouTube continues to break records. These are the figures of this 3D dentistry project.

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Filling problem - Overflowing dental filling

A poorly performed dental filling can be a major source of accumulation of food debrisand plaque, which can cause cavities to appear below the filling

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