New spot of Pardinas Dental Clinic

Here is the new spot of Clinical Pardiñas, currently being broadcasted on Galicia TV (TVG). With this spot, we want to wish you a happy new year and remind you that dental care is essential.


Produced by Sergio Otegui Palacios

Art direction: Recreando Estudio Creativo

Starring: Juan Mengual and Paula Guerrero

Camera man: Miguel Lorén and Jorge Brizuela

Location: Restaurante Txalupa (Zaragoza)

Baby teeth, definitive teeth and teething

When do the first teeth come out? And when do the definitive ones come out? We talk about teething in this post.

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We launch new website

This is the new website of Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic, a site where we will offer our patients the best possible online service.

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Osseointegration of dental implants

Osseointegration is the process performed by the human body to create a direct and functional connection between the bone and dental implants.

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