We launch new website

With the arrival of September, a new work season begins, and, at Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic, we want to be prepared. Therefore, this summer we have made a complete renovation of our website, making a series of changes that, we believe, can favor the experience of our readers and patients.

Renovated design

One of the main changes of the website has been the design, both of the image, as in the distribution of content, colors and typography. The main objective of this modification is to offer a more pleasant navigation to our visitors.

New specialties

Although Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic has been offering the best to our patients for more than 30 years, dentistry evolves, and greater specialization is always necessary. For this reason, the new website contains updated information on the specialties of the clinic and the services it offers.

100% mobile

Every day more users access online content through mobile devices, so we want this new development to adapt to the different screens we use today. Now you can enjoy all the content of Pardiñas Dental Clinic in the same way, both from your mobile, from your tablet or from your computer.

New photographs

Recently we made a new professional photo session of our clinic, both of the facilities, our technology and work, as of A Coruña, the city where we are located. Many of these images are now showing this new website, and they will do the same in future blog articles or network publications.

More importance of 3D videos

For more than 5 years, we have been working with animated dental videos to disseminate dental knowledge, both health and treatment related contents, to our patients and our entire community. Since then we have more than 55 different videos, each of them in 12 languages. This work has positioned us as one of the most important dentistry channels on YouTube, with millions of visits, and we invite you to subscribe to keep updated with all the news. This successful project now has more space on the new website, where 3D videos are interspersed with the different contents.

In short, all these modifications of the website have the same objective: to offer a better visitor experience. And, just as we work every day to provide the best possible treatment to our patients, we want this dedication to reach all the community. We hope you like the change and we will be happy to receive your opinions.

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