Pardiñas Medical Dental Clinic on your smartphone

 We present the Pardiñas Medical Dental Clinic app, an application that will allow patients to access their information from the SmartphoneAfter several months in this project, we can finally present the Pardiñas Clinic APP, an application that will allow our patients to access their information from the Smartphone.

  • Appointments: in this section, you can get access to all the appointments in our clinic.
  • Prescriptions: from this section you can see if you have to take any medication during your treatment.
  • Images: X-rays and images of interest of the patient.
  • Treatments: here you can receive information about the treatments received in our medical dental clinic and about the pending treatments.
  • Payments: all the payments that the patient has made in our clinic will be collected in this epigraph.
  • News: the latest news posted on our website.
  • Contact: from this button you can call the clinic directly.
  • Social Networks: you can access all our social networks from this section.

The Pardiñas Clinic application can now be downloaded for free both for Android and IOs. You can find it searching "Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas"

Download the Pardiñas Clinic app for Android

With the application of Clínica Dental Pardiñas we seek to help our patients and give them instant access to all their medical information. Once again, we put technology at the service of our patients.

Clinica Pardinas APP

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