Pardiñas Clinic Foundation invested more than € 85,000 in 2015

Throughout 2015, Pardiñas Clinic Foundation invested € 86,865 in dental treatments for patients without resources.Now that 2016 begins, we will analyze the activities carried out by our Foundation during last year. In 2015, Pardiñas Clinic Foundation performed dental treatments to 40 different patient that worth € 86,865. All beneficiaries belong to disadvantaged groups or at risk of social exclusion.

Among the activities of Pardiñas Clinic Foundation in 2015, we highlight the free day dedicated to the exploration of oral cancer, the Master of Clinical Orthodontics and the creation of Pardiñas Clinic Foundation Award, a prize that is given by the fans after the season to the most valuable player of Deportivo de la Coruña. This award also allows voters to donate one euro to the work of the foundation, and participate in the raffle for material signed by Deportivo players.

The Foundation was created in 2014 with the goal of treating and caring about the oral health of those people who cannot afford it. It aims to provide basic oral treatments and dental prevention that is not covered by social security, not replacing it in the provision of services, but encouraging its use.

Pardiñas Clinic Foundation begins this new year with the same enthusiasm with which it was born and with the expectation of being able to reach more and more people.

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