Pardiñas Clinic Foundation Award 2016-2017

It begins a new edition of Pardiñas Clinic Foundation Award. The prize recognizes the best player of Deportivo Coruna throughout the season.Pardiñas Clinic Foundation, in collaboration with, will award the best player of Deportivo Coruna throughout the season. The winning player will be the one who received the most votes in that forum at the end of the League.

Trophy mechanics is simple: the day after each league match, participants will divide up to 6 points from 3 Depor players. Voting will close three days after opening.

At the end of the season, the player who has accumulated the most votes will win the Pardiñas Clinic Foundation Award. In case of a tie on points, the player who has been voted more different days will be awarded.

It is also possible to donate 1 euro to the work of Pardiñas Clinic Foundation and participate in the draw for sports equipment signed by players from the club. This donation will help to provide dental treatments to needy Galician families.

This is the second year that our foundation sponsors this award. In the previous season, striker Lucas Perez was awarded and received the award in our Foundation.

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