Psychologist and family therapist in A Coruña

Psychologist and family therapist in A Coruña - Clínica PardiñasWith the aim of offering an overall health service to our patients, we have included in Pardiñas Clinic the service of psychology and family therapy.

Margarita Queijo Rodríguez, a psychologist from A Coruña, will dedicate her personal and professional experience to any of the psychic illnesses that may suffer: anxiety, phobias, jealousy (in pairs, between relatives ...), addictions (currently also without drugs), Violence, attention or food disorders, duels, stress, panic, fears, shyness, etc. There are different types of sessions:

  • Individual
  • In couple
  • Family
  • O combined.

The psychological actions or treatments that we use are multiple and varied:

  • Techniques or treatment for maintenance, acquisition, reduction or elimination of behaviors.
  • Relaxation and / or breathing.
  • Social skills (self-esteem, self-concept, self-knowledge).
  • Resilence.
  • Cognitive techniques (restructuring, detention of thought, suggestion, reframing, illusion of alternatives, paradoxical intervention, metaphorical, among others.

The psychologist Margarita Queijo offers her services of family therapy and psychology in A Coruña in the facilities of Clínica PardiñasEach treatment in psychology requires a careful and personalized study and observation to obtain a clear vision of the problem or conflict. The patient must see the structure, and what the paths to resolution may be. Once the objectives are marked, the changes that the patient wishes to achieve will be formulated.

To refuse is not usually successful. In addition, psychic health, like physical, also deteriorates over time if not properly cared for. Smiling inside is another symptom of health.

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