Quality policy

The quality policy of the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic is summarized in the following sections:

The quality policy of the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic is summarized in the following sections:


Customer Focus

The clinic staff is aware of who the clients are, and of the importance of understanding and satisfying their needs and expectations, both current and future, to ensure proper functioning and development of the Clinic.
From the determination of the satisfaction obtained by the users of the Clinic, actions can be developed aimed at continuously improving the services offered to them, attending to these new needs and expectations transmitted by them.



Quality can only be achieved if the entire organization advances together. Therefore, the person in charge of the Clinic assumes the challenge of motivating and leading the entire human team that forms it, encouraging in turn the appearance of leaders within the development of all the processes and activities that are carried out.


Staff Involvement

The achievement, maintenance and improvement of the level of quality desired by the Clinic can only be achieved with the commitment and participation of all staff, and the use of their creative potential and skills.
This implication must be achieved through the understanding of the effect that, on the quality of the service offered by the Clinic, individual contributions, information, communication and through the action of leaders in all areas and levels of the organization.


Training and resources

To enhance the development of personnel and their skills, so that it results in a more effective and efficient performance, and thus comply with the constant commitment to quality, the training actions deemed necessary will be planned and developed.
These training actions will be aimed at both initial and ongoing training, whether related to quality management, or to encourage the specialization of personnel in the development of their activities.


Responsibility and delegation

Each worker must be responsible for the proper performance of the functions that correspond to him.
For this, the person in charge of the Clinic delegates in each person the authority to develop their assigned functions, so that the expected results are obtained.


Document-based management system

The identification of processes and their interactions, together with the standardization of work methodologies, seek to offer homogeneous products and services capable of satisfying customers, while preventing deviations from the intended objectives.
From the controlled execution of the processes and the resulting records, data and information are generated regarding the effectiveness of the system, which can be analyzed and provide the ideal basis for decision making.


Continuous improvement

All the staff of the Clinic, regardless of their functions and responsibilities, should analyze the data at their disposal regarding the activities they carry out in search of improvement opportunities.
Only by continuously improving processes, methods, services, etc., can a greater internal efficiency, a better response to customer expectations and, therefore, the improvement of their satisfaction be guaranteed.
For this reason, continuous improvement should be a permanent objective of all, and referred to all the activities developed in the Clinic.


Commitment to compliance with requirements

The director of the Clinic undertakes to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to it.

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