Clínica Pardiñas renews the ISO and AENOR certificates

Clínica Pardiñas obtains the renewal of the ISO 9001 certificate and the AENOR accreditation, two of the most demanding quality standards in the world.In Clínica Pardiñas we have just obtained the renewal of the ISO and AENOR quality certificates, two demanding quality standards that corroborate the high level of our dental medical clinic. It was in 2003 when we obtained this recognition for the first time, and since then we have been uninterrupted for 15 years complying with these requirements.

The accreditation of AENOR and ISO 9001-2008 are two of the most demanding quality standards in the world, since it requires a long internal and external audit process. All the requirements related to these tests are aimed at improving patient satisfaction, either through an improvement in services, facilities or any other related process.

Precisely, our hope for satisfying our patients is what leads us to want to improve every day, and getting the renewal of these certificates is a good example of this. We will continue working in that direction.

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