Risks of oral piercings

Tongue piercing, lip piercing or any oral piercing can cause buccodental problems as Dr. Pardiñas explains in the journal LecturasOral piercings can cause many complications and mouth injuries. That said Dr. Simon Pardiñas, who has collaborated in the January issue of the magazine Lecturas, where he has answered questions from a reader interested in getting a tongue piercing.

In the words of Dr. Pardiñas, there are numerous complications associated with oral piercings: inflammation, pain, difficulty in speaking and chewing, change in the perception of taste (dysgeusia), bleeding, excessive salivation, infection and tingling (paresthesia). But there is also an injury that occurs in about half of the carriers of oral piercings. First appearing as soft tissue injuries and later producing gum recession. In addition, the piercing promotes tooth decay, and the penetration of toxic bacteria in the outer hard layer of the teeth, including the pulp tissue. This can create an infection and consequently inflammation accompanied by severe pain.

If the user still remains interested in carrying this type of piercings, it’s important to be placed without being able to contact the teeth and gums, not interfering with the bite and preventing rotation inside the lip. Therefore we recommend using only small pieces of stainless stell, titanium, 14k gold or other quality jewerly materials. Of course, if you wear an oral piercing, dental hygiene becomes more important as well as routine dental visits.

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