Clínica Pardiñas donates for the first time in Spain a device for saving knocked out teeth

In order to improve the community dental health, Dr. Simón Pardinas López along with all Pardiñas Clinic team donate to schools, local hospitals and sports teams the system Save-A-Tooth ®an emergency device new in Spain to preserve knocked out teeth.

There are thousands of cases of accidentally fallen teeth (avulsed) each year in Spain. All these teeth can be saved and reimplanted back into its socket, if a revolutionary new technology called Save-A-Tooth ® is used within the first sixty minutes of the accident. The system Save-A-Tooth ® is the only device of its kind that has the seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association and is recognized by leading medical and dental organizations, such as the Academy of Sport Dentists and the American Association of Endodontics is the best method to save avulsed teeth.

Until now, these devices were only available in the United States, but the Pardiñas Clinic team has undergone the difficult task of acquiring them so they can be distributed freely for the first time in Spain among the local community of Galicia.

When asked why they are donating the system Save-A-Tooth ®, Dr. Pardiñas Lopez said: "As dentists, we know what a serious problem avulsed teeth can be, especially for children. Because their jaw bones and jaw are still developing, children can not replace these teeth implants permanently until they are eighteen. that means they would have to use removable dentures until they complete their development. To prevent this we want to help our community by introducing this new system. "

Pardiñas Dental Clinic, located on Calle Real66, 15003 A Coruña, is a complete Dental Clinic with all specialties and offering a full range of dental services such as dental implants, orthodontics, and children's dentistry.

The clinic has the latest technology and equipment including digital radiography, laser, nitrous oxide and CBCT scanners. It is also the first dental clinic in Galicia and the third in Spain that has achieved the International Quality Certificate ISO-9001 certified by AENOR.

In addition to donating the system Save-A-Tooth, dentists from Pardiñas Clinic will conference on "Treatment of avulsed teeth" to any organization that would like to apply. "Be prepared for this accident is the key to saving the beautiful smiles of our children," says Dr. Pardiñas Lopez. "So we would like to educate people in Spain about this issue."

Dentists at the Clínica have the most prestigious credentials in dentistry and belong to the most important associations, both national and international, such as the Spanish Society of implants, the Spanish Society of Orthodontics, the Spanish Society of Oral Surgery, the Spanish Society of Endodontics, American Dental Association, the American Association of implants, and have special honors, such as Maimonides award, award for the best of the promotion of the Master in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation and resident in Periodontics and implant Dentistry at New York University.

For information about dental treatment, obtaining system Save-A-Tooth, or schedule a conference, visit the website or call +34 981-214-000.

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