Cosmetic dentistry

Solutions to aesthetic problems, about color or shape, that bother when smiling

Orthodontics is used to improve the cosmetic appearance of theeth (fitting braces to realign the teeth), together with tooth whitening, porcelain or composite veneers, and all-porcelain crowns or sheaths.

We may have perfectly straight teeth but with altered colour or shape, which may cause problems when smiling.

To solve these problems there are different techniques and each has its specific indications.

We must not forget that any underlying problem (caries, periodontal disease etc) must be pretreated before correcting aesthetics. Obviously whenever possible we seek that function and aesthetics go hand in hand.

  • Orthodontics:

    It consists of placing a series of appliances on the teeth that will generate a series of movements in them in order to correct their position in the mouth and achieve a stable occlusion (bite shape) and an aesthetic improvement.
  • Teeth whitening: It is used to achieve lighter tooth shades, in cases of yellowish or dark teeth.
  • Veneers or facets: They partially cover the tooth and with them small changes in tooth shape, size and color can be achieved. They can be made of different materials such as composite or porcelain.
  • Crowns: They cover the entire contour of the tooth that has previously been worn, and changes in size, shape and color can be achieved with them.
  • Reconstructions (fillings) and inlays: They are another way to reconstruct teeth that have been affected either by cavities or fractures.

We must not forget that any basic problem (tooth decay, periodontal disease, etc.) must be previously treated before correcting the aesthetics. Obviously, and whenever possible, we seek that function and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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