Cosmetic dentistry

Reconstruction with composites or fillings and inlays

We can also achieve excellent cosmetic results performing reconstructions using composites and inlays where indicated.

The composite reconstruction is commonly referred to as "filling".

Composite filling or reconstruction:

Composite reconstruction is what is commonly referred to as a "filling". It consists of filling with a material, usually resin, a defect in the tooth caused by tooth decay or dental fracture, and that hardens when a special light is applied.


Inlays/onlays are another therapeutic way to restore teeth that have suffered great destruction, obtaining a good adaptation and thus protecting the tooth from possible fractures.
With this, a greater quantity of teeth is preserved, avoiding having to make a full-covering crown.
To do this, the affected part of the tooth is removed, creating a space in which the inlay will adhere. Once the affected part is removed, an impression is taken with which a mold of the mouth will be made. The dental inlay is made on this mold, giving it the required shape and size, so that when placed on the tooth it fits perfectly, as if it were a puzzle piece.
Once manufactured, it is polished and the fit of the model and the contact points are checked.
They are then checked for fit in the mouth, removing inappropriate contacts until the perfect fit is achieved.
Subsequently, the area where the inlay is to be cemented is prepared. Finally, the inlay is cemented to the tooth and the surface is polished.

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