Dental implants

Computer-guided surgery dental implant placement

In recent years we are witnessing a true revolution in the field of implantology.

One of the most outstanding advances is the ability to place implants without opening the gum or using stitches (unlike the classical technique). This technique is commonly referred to as "without surgery", although the implants are surgically placed equally in the bone through the gum. This technique is usually done in the cases indicated.

After making the correct diagnosis, a protocol that uses computed tomography, 3D technology, computer aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) and the Internet to plan the implant placement and to build a precise surgical template is done. The provisional or final prosthesis is connected immediately after implant placement. This process dramatically reduces the time of surgery and recovery period.

Implant placement is performed using the surgical template, previously designed by computer (which are virtually placed before implants). Thus implants precisely fit the bone site we have been planned.

This type of treatment is primarily indicated in patients who are carriers of full removable dentures.

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