Dental implants

Cost of dental implants

In a treatment with dental implants are two clearly defined parts, the dental implant or dental implants themselves, and the crown or tooth that goes over it.
For your guidance, in our clinic the price of a dental implant itself varies between 980 and 1,200 euros, and the price of the tooth that is going over the implants ranges between 800 and 900 euros.
We do not like talking about expensive or cheap because it is always relative. We like to say if it really does worth the money. We must clarify that, as every aspect of life, depending on how dental implants and the professional are, so will the costs.
There are different aspects that influence in the cost: Number of dental implants used, brand of dental implants used, clinical difficulty of the procedure and the most important, the experience and professional training.
Beware of misleading advertising of many brands that offer seemingly implants prices far below their normal cost. These budgets eventually result in a higher total because that price only includes the dental implant. It excludes surgery, materials for its realization, postoperative visits, the prosthesis etc, which will be charged separately, resulting in a total equal to or greater than any other clinic price.
What does our budget include?

  • The cost of dental implant (BTI, Nobel Biocare, among others), locking screw, healing abutment, permanent abutment, abutment screw, noble metal and ceramic tooth and screw.
  • Operating Room fees for the first and second surgery (first and second phase) with all the necessary material: linen and sterile disposable wipes, sterile disposable gowns, anesthesia, saline solution, sutures, full sterile instrumental equipment and burs and any additional material that may be necessary during the surgery.
  • Withdrawal points views and controls the radiographic healing and controls needed throughout the process.
  • Impression materials costs, measures records and visits required for fit testing and aesthetics.
  • Laboratory costs. Everything that involves the manufacture of your piece or tooth, little gems that are pampered throughout its elaboration process. We always use the finest noble metals and best ceramics, with its certificate and registered quality.
  • The first two reviews to check occlusion and radiographic controls during the three months following completion of treatment.
  • And most importantly: Our professional know-how since 1986 as specialists in dental implants, oral surgery and periodontics. We are receiveing continuing education and continuously innovating and performing always the latest techniques. We offer our broad technological means for comfort and satisfaction of your treatments.
  • Finally, if a dental implant is not integrated (which occurs in about 1-5% of cases), we replace it at no cost to you, if for the following 5 years after its placement, you came to the instructed maintenance appoinments

Find out exactly how the whole procedure is on our website or by contacting us directly on the phone 981 21 40 00 or by email clinicapardinas@clinicapardinas.com

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