Dental implants

What's a dental implant?

Immediate dental implants are fitted straight after extracting one or more teeth, although this does not mean that the dental implants and the teeth are fitted at the same time. When there is a problem with a tooth that means it has to be extracted, for example if the root is cracked, the dental implant can be planned to be fitted immediately after it is extracted without waiting for the wound to heal. This has the advantage of saving time, although it cannot be done if the tooth is infected. In this case it is necessary to first extract the tooth, correctly eliminate the infection, sew up, give the appropriate treatment and then wait for one or two months. At the end of this period the dental implants can then be fitted (inn this case we refer to them as deferred dental implants).

In any event, once the dental implants have been fitted it is necessary to wait until they are 'integrated' into the bone before fitting the tooth or teeth on top of them. The waiting time between fitting the dental implants and the prosthesis varies between 3 and 5 months, depending on whether it is in the upper or lower jaw (we need to wait longer in the case of the upper jaw, as the bone quality tends to be worse). Today there is a tendency to reduce these waiting times. In many cases we fit the dental implants and the fixed teeth on the same day or on the following day (see same-day dental implants).

During the waiting period a temporary prosthesis can be fitted (which is generally removable, especially for aesthetic reasons), so that the patient spends as little time as possible without teeth.

It is important to stress that each case is different, and there are even some areas that are more problematic than others in the same patient’s mouth. The specialist must be capable of making a clear, precise diagnosis in order to work correctly and apply the established protocols with the necessary guarantees.

Nowadays we are very satisfied with the results of this treatment for the well-being it provides to our patients. Patients receiving these dental implants definitely need to be 'patient', and collaborate closely with us in all of the prosthetic tests prior to definitively fitting the teeth, as well as carrying out the correct maintenance once they have been placed.

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