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Implant-retained Prosthesis - Overdentures

Thanks to implant-retained prostheses, the patient can eat better, speak and smile with greater confidence than without implants and, in short, gain greater self-confidence. But the sensation and function of his healthy natural teeth, does not get equal in any way.

In addition, and depending on the number of implants and the type of restraint, they may have some mobility when eating, especially the lower prosthesis. The duration of the removable appliance is very limited since, like the face and body, the jaws and the mouth undergo changes over time, which leads to misadjustments of the prosthesis to the mouth susceptible to periodic corrections until, when the time comes, it becomes necessary to replace it.

Also, with time, wear occurs in certain elements of the fixed part that may need replacement, as is the case with ball-type attachments.

Limitations of implant-retained prostheses

  • The implant-retained dental prosthesis consists of: a fixed part that the patient can not remove and which, in turn, is attached to the implants that were placed in his maxilla; and of a removable part, carrier of the artificial teeth that will replace the absent ones.

Adaptation and adjustment to implant-retained prostheses

  • At first you notice a feeling of occupation or foreign body, which usually disappears in a few weeks, getting used to it.
  • It increases the production of saliva, although it gradually normalizes.
  • It changes the speech a little, being able to exist phonetic problems to pronounce some sounds, reason why habitually a training is needed to learn to vocalize certain words, what usually is obtained in few weeks.
  • It is very likely that they bite easily cheeks and tongue, for their tendency to enter the spaces where teeth are missing, but in a short time you learn to avoid it.
  • It is normal to notice some discomfort in the areas of the gums on which the prosthesis rests, especially at the height of its edges
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