Oral health considerations

Oral health considerations

In the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic we receive many patients from A Coruña and Galicia who frequently ask us a series of questions that we will try to solve in these pages. On the halitosis page, we explain what to do if you have this symptom (which is characterized by bad breath), what it consists of and how to treat it. We indicate a series of instructions that you must follow to eliminate or alleviate this problem.

We also describe the guidelines to be followed after mouth surgery. We offer a series of clear, concise recommendations about what to do in the hours after having surgery at our clinic. However, as always with patients who visit our dental clinic in A Coruña, we recommend that they phone us immediately if they have any problems after surgery.

We also shed light on the false expectations that can arise in relation to dental treatment. We firmly believe that our patints should be as wel informed as possible, and that this must be accurate and not encourage any false expectations, as these are the greatest hurdle in any type of relationship. In the case of dental implants, orthodontic treatments or even tooth whitening procedures, a diagnosis is always essential in order to explain their particular case to each patient.

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