Oral surgery

Examination and detection of oral lesions

Our clinic is the first center in Galicia which features an innovative device that helps the professionals to detect potential malignant lesions in the mouth, tongue, lips and throat.

Because the signs and symptoms of oral lesions that are potentially malignant often cannot be detected with the naked eye, this dipositive allows us to do just that, to identify changes in the mouth that may be a sign of something more serious.

This analysis with Identafi technology is completely painless and takes just minutes to check for any problems that may affect oral health.

According to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, more than 4,000 Spaniards are diagnosed each year with oral cancer, a disease that, unfortunately, causes more than 1,000 deaths annually, which translates is 3 daily deaths.

However, these devastating figures could be changed for the better since the main problem of oral cancer is that it is diagnosed mostly in very advanced stages, since the beginning of the disease has no detectable symptoms at first sight, or generate discomfort or ailments.

Furthermore, not smoking or excessive drinking does not exempt a person to suffer from oral cancer. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more public sectors younger than 40 years old present oral cancer due to the development of a virus known as Human Papillomavirus which is contracted through intimate contact. Therefore, all doctors and dentists recommend performing oral checkups once a year to prevent the development of cancer diseases.

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