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Your Orthodontist in A Coruña

Orthodontics refers to correcting the position of the teeth to improve the patient's appearance and ability to chew properly.
Dr Carmen López Prieto is the specialist in orthodontics in A Coruña at the Dental Clinic Pardiñas. In children and adults, orthodontics is a very cost-effective investment in the long term.

Discover the advantages of a smile

A consultation with our specialist in orthodontics in A Coruña is the best way of finding out if you can benefit from treatment.
After an initial evaluation, the doctor will normally be able to assess about the treatment possibilities and its approximate cost. Although it is essential to perform a complete and thorough examination of your mouth, including molds, special x-rays, and photographs, called craniofacial diagnosis in 3D, to be able to make a specific treatment plan for your case.
After carefully analysing your problem, we will recommend the best treatment to improve your smile and chewing ability.
An important decision
It is an important decision for an adult to fix their teeth. Once you have decided to go ahead with treatment, choosing who will help you with the process is very important, because your teeth, and possibly your face, will change forever.
We have lengthy experience in this sector and use the very latest technology, guaranteeing excellent results. Only the very best orthodontists can select the best methods and materials to correct each person’s problems.
Craniofacial Diagnosis
The importance of a correct cranio-facial diagnosis
The technology available in our clinic allows us to perform a complete diagnosis of both the mouth, teeth, soft tissues and bones of the face that will be the starting point for multidisciplinary treatments, among which is especially important, orthodontics.
Through 3D reconstructions of the skull, photographs, videos, facial and intraoral scanners, we are able to obtain all the necessary data in a very precise way in order to make a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan for each patient.

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