Orthodontics for children in A Coruña

Children are normally recommended to have an orthodontic check-up by the age of seven at the latest.

Why before the age of seven?

  • The first molars appear at 6 years of age. At this age, the orthodontist can evaluate the child’s maxillaries and teeth to see if their teeth meet properly and to avoid potential problems in the use of their teeth.
  • The incisors have begun to appear, and problems can be detected more easily.
  • A timely evaluation will lead to benefits in the treatment, such as:​
  • Positively contributing towards jaw growth
  • Balancing the size of the dental arches
  • Improving types of tooth growth
  • Correcting poor dental habits
  • Improving the appearance and self-esteem
  • Simplifying and/or shortening subsequent orthodontic treatment times
  • Helping to improve speech problems
  • Maintaining or increasing the space for teeth that have still not come out so that they grow properly.

How should we handle a case in early dentition?

  • What about the teeth that still have not erupted?
  • Do we wait for the occlusion is complete?
  • If we treat it now will we avoid further treatment?
  • If we're not sure we can avoid further treatment, is it justified the cost of a second treatment?

The answer to all these questions is called CHANCE OF TREATMENT. The ideal time would be when the treatment time with appliances installed is the lowest, that is, should begin and finish shortly.
Thus pretreatment, also called INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS or PRE-ORTHODONTICS, are the clinical maneuvers that generally are carried out before treatment in the permanent dentition, and are intended to treat those dental problems and / or skeletal which can interfere with the normal development of their bones.

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